Saturday, May 29, 2010

newborn items instock

Been really busy this month. Im guesting at Bitty Fluff congo on June 2nd, so ive been coming up with some little items that are inexpensive to stock. I have 3 new, adorable booties instock, as well as a rattle and bear. Items go live at noon Wendsday.
Sewing has been another thing ive been doing nonstop! I have 3 skirt sets to stock at Mainstreet this week as well. Im debuting some of my sewing skills with amazing designer fabrics such as Robert kauffmans Confections line, Timeless Treasures Love a tree, and Riley Blakes Summer Song. this month will be full of vibrant colors and adorable prints!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

check out chaotic Bonds Blog!

So, my friend Nancy has a blog. a pretty great blog. she posts reciepes with step by step instructions and pictures. its worth checking out, and following. you really never know what she will post. Nancy is my graphic designer for my Hyenacart shop, business cards, and my blog. shes also very much into photography and lists her prints on Mainstreet congo. check her out:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Buster Bear

Another new item for me! Buster Bear is an original pattern by me, and is stocking today at Mainstreet congo. Buster is the first of what will be, many new bears. its a good way to use up scrap yarn! He has a rattle in his belly, so infants will like him. My son really likes him, and hes 4!lol.