Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some fun sewing this month! ive been making these elephants for fun, for my kids, and decided to list a few on Mainstreet. the first two i listed sold within an hour, so i decided to make up a few more. They will not be a regular item, i just like to sew them for fun. Im enlarging the pattern as well, to make them more hugable for kids. They will make great gifts for my niece and upcoming niece or nephew. I love how the heather Ross goldfish fabric looked on this one :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

a few weeks ago i noticed some unusal grunting coming from the bunny hutch. My husband went out to check that night, and noticed two little baby bunnies had been born. The babies were about 3 inches long, huddled together in their nest.

So far, Momma bunny ( Nibbles) has done a great job taking care of her babies. We removed the daddy ( scrapper), to his own little hut. My daughter likes to say that Scrapper needed a time out!lol. today we noticed the babies are moving onto real food, nolonger their mothers milk. in a few weeks they have grown so much! my son has named one of them Mumu. we can only keep one, because we think they are male and female, and we cant have them breeding. So we will be finding the male a new home soon! The kids are having a blast with them though, and really enjoy watching them grow. Its such a mircle on our little 1/2 acre farm!