Wednesday, March 31, 2010

playfood stocking

stocking the BDay celebration on A la Mode Thursday at 1:00! im listing some of my best playfood, and fan favs! ive discounted my famers market set, as part of the celebration! Please come check it out
im working on new items for my grandopening. im going to list a few dolls for the big day :) so in preparation for the big day, i am taking the month off from Mainstreet congo, and only stocking the once at A la mode. I have alot of instock to make, as well as some bad ass collabs to get finnished. make sure you save the date for the big day! May 1st!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cupcake twins

a custom ive been working on for a DS momma. the two dolls are almost identical, with their matching RK cupcake dresses, and highlights to match. both dolls have sprinkle aprons with cupcakes appliqued on the front. the shoes are finnished with matching cupcake fabric buttons. Definatly my favorite duo so far!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today i stock at Mainstreet, at 12:30. ill be stocking the last of my instock bunnies!

now i have to start on items for Alamodes bday bash, then i can work on items for my
grandopening of my own cart. I decided on a date, May 1st. im going to list crochet and
sewn items. I have some guests, and some cool collabs in the works for that stocking. And
im planning on doing some big drawings too! Its kinda scary to take this big step, but i want
to get noticed!lol.. so save the date! May 1st!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Previews up on A la Mode Congo!

I have finnished putting up my Easter previews on A la Mode congo! I have 4 basket sets and a brightly colored egg set listed, as well as a drawing for some adorable scrappy eggs. A la Mode stocks this thursday at 1:00pm

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is coming!

A sign that spring is coming to CT! i planted these seeds last week, when the weather was in the high 50s. Now the seeds are about 4 inches tall! so far i have squash and green beans that i have put into bigger pots. i started them off in a pete kit that comes with the base, lid, and 74 pete rounds. Within days i had green poking out the top, and as of a few days ago, i woke up to the plants pushing the lid off the "greenhouse". So as you can imagine, i am thrilled that we will get things moving early this year! Last year it took a full 3 weeks to see this progress, and we didnt get to really enjoy the veggies til July. Hopefully this year we will be feasting earlier.
My daffodils are poking through around the yard as well. The ones closest to the house, actually have small buds on them. We have a week of rain and wet weather coming, so i hope that helps liven them up a bit.