Saturday, October 31, 2009


happy halloween! the kids were from the Wizard of oz this year, the best movie ever made! i made johannas dress, and codys costume is handmade but bought at a tag sale! so the total price of costumes this year was $4!! thats the way to do halloween! our pumkin was a huge hit. cory rigged him up with a lightbulb inside, so he glew a demonic read. i saw the carving idea online somewhere, and did my own version of it. this was a great halloween. the kids have trick or treating down, and ate their fair share of candy. cant wait to do it all again next year. i already have a costume request from my son, so it looks like pirates is the theme for next year. but im thinking he can be Hook, and Johanna can be Tinkerbell...we will see though!

Monday, October 26, 2009

its that time of the year again! bring on the reindeer poop! Last year this was a huge hit with moms, who had naughty children, or family with a sense of humor. i keep the price on this stocking stuffer inexpensive, so that everyone can have a little fun around the holidays! Poop will be stockin November 3rd on Mainstreet congo
at 12:30. i will have plenty in stock, and i do take customs if you need enough for the whole family!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i got the coolest news today. let me gloat for a minute please. i will be guesting on Club Thread congo for the first two weeks of December! do a little shimmy dance please. this is so thrilling to me. as we all know, im obsessed with all things club thread. i have items from about 4 of the vendors, and couldnt be more impressed with them. but i get to guest with them, which is an amazing honor. i will most likely be stocking my dolls, since i think those are my best product and incorporate some sewn talent into them. i cant wait, really cant wait! i cant wait to be seen amoung such classy and talented ladies :) so keep a watch out, i hope to debut some new dolls during that stocking...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

craft fair was a bust :(

ok, so the craft fair was a wash out! i wanted to cry. we went anyway, in the rain, cause the person in charge said it had to go on, and i didnt want to be out my money. so we get there, its pouring. we set up in the rain, and relize our tent doesnt have sides. so alot of things got misted on. which is fine, but still. next time we will have sides!lol. i did make a few sales in between bits of dry weather. i made enough to cover the table, pay for johannas new doll thats coming from Hill Country Doll makers, and to pay off some fabric debt ( yahoo fabric groups are the enemy!!). hopefully will be nice weather next year, cause it could have been a great event. they had a train full of 300 people go to the town just for the event...where they went i have no clue, cause they werent at the craft fair!lol
anyway, now i have a great amount of stock for November. which means my customs list is about to be wide open, and we can get the ball rolling for Christmas shopping. Hope to do some sewing this week, for a KS stocking. and i have alot of collabs im working on for MS and SR. so busy this week! but atleast the stress of the craft fair has passed and i can breath again..for a few weeks!lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ok, so i got my mini spotted box today. and i think it is my favorite mini i have recieved so far! lots of great things like candles, crayons, body butter, sachets, and coupon codes! but my favorite is the caramels from Bliss Candies. let me tell you, they melt in your mouth. theyre not chewy caramels that you have to pick out of your teeth. they are amazingly smooth! she put ginger molasses flavored caramels as the samples. you recieved 5 good sized candies. now im not a fan of ginger, at all.but these caramels changed that! i will be getting some of her confections for xmas gifts! i recommend her highly!! BUY HER CARAMELS!!LOL, and tell her Jody sent ya!

Monday, October 19, 2009

heres two lovely little dolls, i have made and ready for the craft fair on Saturday. ihave about 8 ready to go, and a few last minute in the works. im almost ready, but i have some finnishing things i have to get done. im hoping the weather holds up. as of this morning theyre predicting rain for the weekend, but its newengland so it might change.
i will take pics of my set up on saturday, if we actually get to go. i have some neat display ideas for my playfood, and some for the dolls as well. last year my popular item was my lovey bunnies, so i have a dozen or so of those made. but im hoping my dolls are the hit this year. alot of work goes into them, but the outcome is truely special!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

here is my verison of the pirate girl doll! girls can play pirates too! she has a bright red skirt, thats not too feminine, but still pretty, and matches the skulls in her head she has an eye patch to keep it real! this lovely little lady is going to Lauren, another DS momma!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

nothing says fall like pumkins and candy apples. we took sometime out this afternoon to go to our local orchard for their fall festival. the kids loved their sprinkle covered candy apples, and my husband picked the biggest pumkin! a whole 26lbs. very nice size for carving :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

sweet retreat stocking today

i have some new, different items stocking today. trying to be outside of my zone for once. i listed two recipe boxes. theyre a new thing for me. its a decoupage type art. i started off making these for my daughter. i made her a box to hold all of her bows and hair prettys, and thought, man these are really neat. so i decided to try it out for adults. i hope they get some attention, i think theyre something different and fun!