Saturday, October 24, 2009

craft fair was a bust :(

ok, so the craft fair was a wash out! i wanted to cry. we went anyway, in the rain, cause the person in charge said it had to go on, and i didnt want to be out my money. so we get there, its pouring. we set up in the rain, and relize our tent doesnt have sides. so alot of things got misted on. which is fine, but still. next time we will have sides!lol. i did make a few sales in between bits of dry weather. i made enough to cover the table, pay for johannas new doll thats coming from Hill Country Doll makers, and to pay off some fabric debt ( yahoo fabric groups are the enemy!!). hopefully will be nice weather next year, cause it could have been a great event. they had a train full of 300 people go to the town just for the event...where they went i have no clue, cause they werent at the craft fair!lol
anyway, now i have a great amount of stock for November. which means my customs list is about to be wide open, and we can get the ball rolling for Christmas shopping. Hope to do some sewing this week, for a KS stocking. and i have alot of collabs im working on for MS and SR. so busy this week! but atleast the stress of the craft fair has passed and i can breath again..for a few weeks!lol

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  1. Oh, that sucks! My nice weather I sent you must have gotten lost in the mail. :( Oh, well-just send my samples along with your orders the old fashioned way.