Thursday, April 30, 2009

so i got bris shorties in the works, i just need to make sure im happy with the trim color. i dunno. ran out with my husband today and got some yarn, so i have lots to work with!! Cory recently made me some nice yarn shelves,so i could get the yarn out of my totes and more organized. But when i stand in front of it, all i keep thinking is .."i dont have nearly enough yarn!!" if you look, the whole bottom row is my wool..thats it..pretty pathetic. i mean i have been using it on alot of orders recently, but still, i like a nice full yarn shelf.
i think im going to start a " yarns im loving" section on the blog. maybe do a review of dyer each month.. i dunno..i am a very big yarn junkie, and theres so much out there to try!!LOL. as of right now, im obsessed with Fibers 4 Ewe. shes outa Putnam Ct, so i love that shes local. i picked up a skein of her merino bamboo sock yarn at Woolworks two weekends ago. was the last skein she had.. and its a really pretty grey and pink, alot like that Ella the Elephant fabric im seeing everywhere. it was really soft and worked really nicely. i made a gorgeous top for a 2T that i listed for May 3rd on Mainstreet. cause its was such a nice breathable yarn, i did an almost mesh like stitch around the skirt part of the shirt, to allow more air flow for the child during the summer. it looks so sweet. i tried it on Johanna, and am tempted to keep it, but i can always make her another one!! so at the yarn shop today, i asked for more but she isnt due to come by with more this very sad :(
so im off to finnish Bris shorties and get Brobee done.need to take pics of the Lemon Chiffon collab for Mainstreet too. got that yarn today from Little Yarn Barn. cant wait to work it up and see how gorgeous that looks!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so today im going to work on Bris shorties for her daughter. hopefully get those in the mail by saturday. i do have a Brobee i have to make tonight for another customer. then i have some chocolate chip cookies to crochet for another, which i hope to mail by Saturday as well.

things are looking good for Sweet Retreat. we're finalizing 3 designs for the layout, for a congo vote, then we'll get it up and running! its crunch time with the congo opening on Mothersday, so we really have to get things finnished!! its all very exciting being on a new congo, starting from scratch. i think having a congo geared towards all womens product is really cool. plus i love the variety we're going to have!!

Mainstreet is starting to get some previews up. our Birthday bash is SUnday May 3rd at 12:30. ive had my previews up for a few days ( dena thinks im an overachiever), and everyone is starting to put theirs up. I noticed Dena (lulubirddesign) has a few up, as does Carly ( littlebirdiebottoms), so thats cool. i was going to add a few more, but then i relized i need to concentrate on stock for Sweet Retreat next week!

well, todays my moms bday. so i made a cake and my son keeps eyeing it. hes such a cake monster. my daughter woke up on the wrong side of the crib today, so shes a cranky butt.
the weather is gorgeous, and i do plan on some gardening today..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

first time bloggin!

ive decided i need to blog! this way i can show whats new in the store, where im going, and what im working on!! im very excited about this new adventure!

heres a little info on me:
Im Jody from Eastford CT, im 28. i have a 3 yr old boy ( cody) and a 2 yr old girl ( johanna). both have been in cloth diapers, my son is now potty trained!! Johanna is still in cloth, and wants to potty train. i am a Sahm to them here in the middle of no where.
since i decided to be a sahm, i found out how boring it can get just hanging around. so i picked up a craft, or two, and decided to launch my wares on Diaperswappers. there i started off listing my crochet lovie bunnies and little crochet items. from Diaperswappers it evolved into so much more. I was asked to join the Mainstreet Congo, which is where my heart truely is. and now im venturing into two new congos, Sweet Retreat and Natures Toy Chest. i am now making new toys, diaper covers, and items for mommas. so my craft has expanded!!