Tuesday, April 28, 2009

first time bloggin!

ive decided i need to blog! this way i can show whats new in the store, where im going, and what im working on!! im very excited about this new adventure!

heres a little info on me:
Im Jody from Eastford CT, im 28. i have a 3 yr old boy ( cody) and a 2 yr old girl ( johanna). both have been in cloth diapers, my son is now potty trained!! Johanna is still in cloth, and wants to potty train. i am a Sahm to them here in the middle of no where.
since i decided to be a sahm, i found out how boring it can get just hanging around. so i picked up a craft, or two, and decided to launch my wares on Diaperswappers. there i started off listing my crochet lovie bunnies and little crochet items. from Diaperswappers it evolved into so much more. I was asked to join the Mainstreet Congo, which is where my heart truely is. and now im venturing into two new congos, Sweet Retreat and Natures Toy Chest. i am now making new toys, diaper covers, and items for mommas. so my craft has expanded!!