Friday, May 29, 2009

i finnished the custom cupcake soaker for the DS momma. its a pink twist yarn that i love. im always happy to make anything that has a cupcake on it!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is Willow. i named her after my friend Denas little one. Denas daughter doesnt wear alot of pink, and is very earthy, so i thought the name fit. she goes up for June 3rd on Mainstreet.

I did end up getting that order for the cupcake soaker. so i hope to make that tonight so i can ship it in the morning.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

finnished this doll today. I call her Chole. she is one of my favorites. i love the sewn dress, alot more then when i woudl crochet them. you have more fun with prints.. shes going up on Mainstreet for the June 3rd stocking. i took the price down $5 to $30, because of the sewn dress. its alot quicker to make. shes about 16 inches long. my daughter was eyeing her the whole time i was making her, as i stitched on the face, Johanna kept kissing the head. i think it was a hint!

raining today. so going to mess around in the house. i might have a custom soaker order coming, so i might start that today as well!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

so i decided to have a Memorial Day sale on my two tops this weekend. im in need of Paypal, and id love to see these tops find a home. i listed them as $40 each, which cut the price down by $10. so i think thats a fair sale price. i hope they sell!!
not alot going on this weekend. no cookouts. just getting things done around the house and in my craft room. i did make a potatoe salad, hoping we'll have some turkey burgers on the grill atleast! anyway, hope you guys have a great Holiday and remeber those that serve or have served for us. and think about all those wahms that are Military wives, and try to support them this weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

not alot going on today. im finnishing up some brown longies. i got the cupcake longies shipped, so she should be getting those by Saturday. i need to work on a stripe alien as well...
today is catch up day. i hope to get laundry done, im working on washing diapers right now. maybe ill take line pics later......just to show off my stash a little ( or atleast part of my stash :) )
i should vaccum and wash the floors. usually cody tries to help out with washing the floor. then tonight im out to the store to get some groceries and maybe get weighed in at weight watchers. i havente been too good lately, so i really dont want to see the weigh in..summer gets to me. too many good summer salads and desserts. mayo is my favorite thing, and its everywhere in the summer!!! not to mention icecream..dont get me started on icecream. we have a farm in the next town over that makes their own icecream. its so amazing, and creamy. i can usually only do one scoop, cause its so rich. i love their chocolate with oreos in it..yummy!!!! but alas, the icecream does not love my butt, or thighs, or belly...or any part of me... why cant icecream be zero calories? the world would be a much better place!

~ added pics of some of my line drying. its like a Heartland Dreams fantasy shot!! i only have a handful of Tinas diapers...but theyre definatly worth showing off.

Monday, May 18, 2009

its chilly today. my son decided to go fishing in my goldfish pond. thank goodness there isnt a hook on the end of the line, those fish cost me $4 each!LOL
im working on some NB longies with a cupcakeon the butt, and another Nb longies that are brown. hope to get those in the mail by Friday. im really working through Nancys afghan, its all sc, so its going to take me a while. but my Husband even commented how nice its looking ( ill post pics when its done)
going to buy a new sewing machine tomarrow. im very excited about this. i have a ton of projects to finnish up! im planning on getting a Baby Lock, since thats what kinda serger i have. so stick with what works i guess.
went to the yarn shop this weekend and had some yarn wound into cakes. i seriously need to get a swift. its on the list!
anyway, hopefully i have some cool pics to post tomarrow! keep checking back!

Friday, May 15, 2009

so my sewing machine is dead. very sad, like losing an old friend. but i must say im excited about getting a new one. maybe the new one will actuall sew fast!!lol of course it died when im in the middle of a project. im working on a shower gift for my SIL, and the shower is at the end of JUne. i figured i would make it now while i have down we'll see if i get it finnished.
im working on an afghan for Nancy, she sent me the yarn months ago! but it was something to do on spare time. so im starting it. its coming out really nice, its a violet and blue stripes.
Got an order yesturday for some NB longies as the Nbs first outfit. i was very excited to be apart of this mommas memories! so im doing some cupcake longies. of course, i love cupcakes, so this will be extra cute. I got Lulubirddesigns to do a matching shirt for her. have to have a complete set, of course!!lol. im starting the longies this weekend.

im trying to potty train Johanna. its not going super well. she does pee on the potty, but she also still goes on the floor. shes like a flippin puppy! but i bought her some cheap trainers to start her off. once i feel shes getting more comfy with it, ill get Knickerdoodies to make some girly trainers for me.hopefully Johanna gets trained faster then Cody did, cause that was a nightmare! Why isnt there a Potty Training Boot Camp i can send my kids to? that would be the bees knees!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not alot going on today. i dont have any customs to do, which means i can do some sewing. i made a shirt yesturday for johanna, that came out too cute. and i started sewing some burp cloths for my SIL baby shower. but as im sewing, my machine is going slower and starting to stink. i thought it was going to blow up or burst into flames! so im thinking it either needs to go in the shop again, or i need to buy an new machine. ive had it since i wa 16, so it has got me through the years. but machines have come along way since then, so it might be time to upgrade. we'll see.
i baked oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookies yesturday. my daughter attacked the mixer. she licked that mixer so clean im surprised theres paint left on it!LOL!! but the cookies came out wonderful, and made my house smell yummy.
so hopefully today is a lazy day, unless i decide to drive into town to see the sewing machine repair guy. i might end up doing that, cause i have alot stuff i need to get done.

Monday, May 11, 2009

hope you all had a great mothers day! i woke up to strawberry shortcake in bed, with my naked daughter helping me eat it. then we packed a lunch and headed out to the butterfly museum, Magic Wings. it was amazing. the butterflies fly all over. my daughter was running around like an animal, trying to dive bomb any mass amounts of butterflies she could find. she didnt like it when they landed on her, it kinda skeeved her out. but i managed to get a Blue Morpho butterfly on my finger, then gave it to my son. Cody was surprisingly gentle. he thought it was very cool. Cody actually took his time, walking around and pointing out each thing. theres a coi pond in the middle of the greenhouse, with giant fish and frogs that cody loved. A gigantic iguana, which they let my son pet, and baby quails walking freely around. was very cool experience. my husband even enjoyed himself. i had to share the butterfly with him too, he didnt want to miss out!lol
after the butterfly place,we went to Yankee Candles Mothership store. that place is huge! theres aroom for everything, and every candle scent you could imagine. Cory bought a few coffee scented candles, i wanted the Creme Brulee and cupcake my son kept saying that the store stunk. Boys, just dont get the joy of candles!
Sweet Retreats had its grandopening yesturday. we had alot of lookers! we managed to stay on
"where are the hyenas" for the whole day. nothing of mine sold :( , but atleast we had some traffic! its a good beginning. hopefully after this weekend, people will get to see what we're about and come back for the next stocking.
so i managed to get nothing done this weekend. im working on a custom alien tonight. then i have a little sewing i want to get done.i might even make dinner tonight, we'll see how ambitious im feeling!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

good morning all! meet Mr sheep. hes fat, really fat, with funny eyes. he is going home to the winner of the surprise lotto on Mainstreet. he has two friends going with him, that arent sheep. im not going to say what they are, cause i want the winner to be somewhat but this little sheep is my new fav toy! pattern is all me. i have a thing for fat critters.

so i have an order for another alien to make this weekend. with it being Mothersday weekend, ill only be able to work on him at night. Cause tomarrow we're going to the butterfly museum!! i cant contain myself im so excited. im bringing my camera and like 3 different lenses! i hope to take some exceptional pictures for you all to gawk at! today my inlaws are coming over, since we wont be seeing them tomarrow. hope to make a tasty drunk chicken with some summer salads, and a yummy strawberry shortcake. drool with me ladies! its going to be a weightwatchers nightmare! and yes i have weigh in this week, so im guessing the scales wont be in my favor!LOL

anyway, to all you mommas, HAVE A GREAT MOTHERS DAY! and remember, you are the best kinda crafter there is, you make people!

Friday, May 8, 2009

i finnished Shurees foofa doll! this is the second foofa ive made, and i love this one! pattern is all my own design, and shes about
12 inches long. i have made brobee dolls before, and foofa is the only other yogabbagabb doll ive made. i hope shuree loves it!!
today im going to make the surprise lotto toy. i have a good idea what im going to make..but since its a surprise i wont post until ive made and sent it out :)
just trying to keep busy, and keep my kids happy! nice weather will definatly help this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

so i got the soaker done for the Lemon Chiffon collab on Mainstreet. Jennifer wanted ruffles around the cuffs, i think it turned out cute. so im sending that out today, along with Bris alien and some samples to Heather. its a nice Post office day!lol hopefully i get some nice yarn mail today.tonight im starting shurees foofa. i hope to get it done tonight as well, even if its a late night!

alot more previews are up on Sweet retreat. i have all mine up, finally! i think my pics came out really well, i guess everything looks alot nicer outside after a rainstorm.. the other ladies have alot of their previews up. im in love with that nursing bra, even though my not BFing any more! and that tree tote is calling my name! very nice stuff, im so proud of all of them. Bris starting my tester candles today, so i cant wait to get those in the mail! Dont forget our grand opening is mothers day!! check it out at 1:00pm.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

see what happens when youre stuck inside the house for 4 days? kids start to develop spots all over their faces!! its a new epidemic, watch out swine flu!! i dont know how much more of the rain we can take..
started the soaker lastnight, so i should get that done tonight i hope. i did talk to the woman that won the bday surprise lotto on Mainstreet, so ill be starting her surprise toy this weekend.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its another rainy day! today im starting the soaker for the lemon chiffon collab, to hopefully get that in the mail by thursday. i dohave to make a foofa doll for Shuree, but i think im going tostart that tomarrow night.
i have been sewing, and would like to get a few more shirts for Johanna made. i made a quick top for her over the weekend that came out too cute. i added a pic of it, shes hard to get to sit still so i hope you can tell the look of the shirt.
A nice load of yarn came in the mail yesturday. Stuff i bought from Huckleberry knits, and a few DS mommas. ihope my sugarbubbie yarn comes today.. i was doing some internet surfing lastnight, and it had me thinking. i think i want to attempt to dye some yarn! i dont know if ill be any good at it, but why not?! but thats something i wont be able to get to for a month or so i bet.
anyway, we'll see what i can get done today. if i do get anything finnished ill post pics.

Monday, May 4, 2009

i finnished the order for Kelly from CDN!! heres a pic of it.

well, the weekends over. it was a nice day on saturday. i did get into my garden, which was daffodils are in full bloom, and some tulips finally opened.
Mainstreets Bday stocking started Sunday the 3rd. i sold an alien, and the lemon chiffon collab. im kinda surprised the icecream capris didnt go..but no biggie. nancy redid the graphics to go with a birthday theme, she really out did herself!
i worked on an order for a CDN momma. i mananged to get her cookies and strawberries made. now im finnishing her cupcakes.
So todays big job is starting the soaker for the buyer of the Lemon chiffon collab. i cant wait to work with this yarn. Shuree of the Little Yarn Barn, created a gorgeous collarway. i havent had the joy of working with her yarn before, so im pretty excited. The buyer was Barenaked cleaners. shes a new customer, so im very excited to be doing this for her!!
so lots to do! i might post more pics later..

Friday, May 1, 2009

I finnishes Bris Shorties!They came out really cute. very girly. so ill send these to her today, and hopefully she'll get them for Monday, cause thats her Bday!!
its raining here today, so no playing outside. which means im catching up on Laundry and working on some orders. My friend from CDN, Kelly ( Kelolsen) added onto her cookie order, so im making cupcakes and strawberries too! that adds some time onto things, so they wont make it to the mail until Monday..
So i talked to Liz from Fibers 4 Ewe yesturday. i sent her an email to tell her i put her in my blog, and to see when shes stocking again. shes a very nice lady! i might even get the chance to come by the mill she dyes at and see her set up! oh the joy of local dyers!! she did give me some info on herself, she has two kids, a 3yr old and a 1yr old. so she has her hands full, which mean dyeing times for the yarn is around the kids and her husbands schedule!LOL! a moms day is never an easy one! anyway, ill email her today to see whens a good time to come lurk around her mill..

Sweet Retreat has graphics!! im so excited. noone has any previews up, but atleast its pretty to look at!! and we have our blinkies too!!
Lets hope today is a productive one!! oh and i added a background to the blog! im very cupcake obsessed..if you cant tell!