Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a colorful arrangement of cupcakes and a blond haird doll, both on their way to Diane in Fl. she orginally wanted to buy my redheaded doll that won the fair, but also added a second doll and some cupcakes to the order. so these will get mailed out today, and hopefully end up in her grandchildrens hands very soon! i love the colors of the cupcakes! they stand out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

sets for the 3rd on Mainstreet

so heres a small preview of the goodies im stocking for the 3rd on Mainstreet. the purple ooga set is stripe longies with the purple ooga baby doll top. the longies are ruffle trimmed with a drawstring waist. i love this set!
the cupcake set is stripe longies as well, that match the striping on the cupcake shirt. the longies are also trimmed with scallop edging, and finnished with a drawstring waist. the shirt is embellished by Dena of Lulubird Designs. Dena has tons of cupcake appliques to chose from. this one is my favorite.

My Hatty Surprise

since the craft fair was a success for me last year, this year i asked my favorite and fellow wahms if they wanted to try to get a little business through my luck. so i asked them to send me business cards, for me to make into little packets to hand out to customers. racheal of My Hatty, sent me her cards as well as the bag you see in the pics above. she made the bag as a gift , to hold my money and change at the fair. this is way better then the method i used last year..a ziploc bag isnt very stylish!lol,, but this bag is big and roomy, i sense some optimism in her creation! anyway, it was so thoughtful and nice of racheal, that i wanted to share it with you guys. if you like the look of the bag, and want to see more of her stuff she is on the Mainstreet congo with me: www.hyenacart.com/mainstreet
she mades amazing winter hats, soakers, longies, and anything else you would need with fleece. ive bought a hat from her before, with a spaceship theme, and it was well loved. she has some hats that look like gigantic fish, that are hilarious! she appliques the fleece in any design you can think of. and yes we have cupcake longies from her. even though we dont use diapers that often anymore, the longies make amazing pants for the winter. and you cant tell what they were orginally intended for! so anyway, check her out. you wont be disapointed. shes a lovely lady with a great talent, and huge heart!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this is a doll i finnished for a DS momma named Ashley. she has blond homespun hair, and princess inspired dress. shes really very girly, which Ashley told me her daughter likes. So she gets mailed today. i also have to make a similiar doll for another customer, but with a different dress. it seems people really like the homespun hair. i love the texture and apperance it gives the dolls.
so im working on that other doll today, and making two sets of cupcakes for a new customer. hope to get them all done by the weekend so i can get some other things done.

Friday, September 18, 2009

my customs list is slowly getting done! these are slippers for a wonderful wahm i am honored to crochet for. Harmony threads of club thread congo, did a trade with me. she sent me the yarn from dyer, stitches under the sun, and i crocheted a pair for her and her daughter. the yarn was a pleasure to work with. the colors are vibrant and gorgeous, and texture is amazing. She also sent her own buttons, butterflies and pretty circle buttons. i cant wait to hear her response on how they look!
off to work on some more of the list. next up is a doll, and those two lunch bags. My mil is taking both kids tomarrow, so sewing will have a better chance of getting done tomarrow. Johanna isnt letting me do a whole lot this week. shes getting used to cody being in school, and likes the attention. theres almost too much cuddling, and following around. only thing she will let me do is a little crocheting during DORA, and make lunch.. so it doesnt help make my list of things to do smaller :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

so ive been busy making samples for the spotted box for OCtober. i am sending in samples for Jodys Designs as well as Kindred SPirits. i do enjoy doing the spotted box!

my custom list is getting mighty high again.. looks like people might be thinking xmas in September. i have 3 dolls to make, some playfood, and some slippers. all while trying to stock for the craft show and for the congos.

MAinstreet congo has officially merged with Nectar congo. not all of the vendors have joined us for the merge, but those who have are very nice wahms. they will all be debuting in OCtober, which is turning out to be a very nice stocking. i love it when things fall together! get it,,,,october..fall...yeah im corny!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

not the best picture in the whole world, but it was cloudy and rainy when i took it. this is an owl that is going with a collab im doing on MAinstreet for october. hes really squishy, and is around 8 inches tall.

still working on things for the craft fair, not to mention the next stocking in October.i would love to get some sewing done, but it doesnt seem to be happening for me. too much crocheting to do and so little time. im planning on doing Octobers spotted box, so i have to finnish up samples for that. and i have to make someto send out to Denise for her Etsy store.

we are adding more and more vendors everyday to Mainstreet. i think when we stock for October its going to be crazy. its nice to have new people in the group, keeps ideas and the look fresh.

Monday, September 7, 2009

my niece, Miss Lily

this is my new little niece, Miss Lily. she is a tiny little cutie! we spent the day getting to know her today. she is a little over a week old now. shes tooo cute and tiny, almost makes me want another one. it was nice to see my husband holding her. this is his sisters baby, so it was special to him. not to mention cory has a way with babies. soo now i have another little one to introduce to the world on Hyenacart. im already thinking tutus and bows, and her father is thinking redsox and football! not if i have my way with her, she will be girly!!
got alot to do with crocheting. i need to make some samples for Octobers spotted box, and i have to crochet some more playfood for the fair coming up. i have to pick up my woodstock fair entries tomarrow. and tomarrow i bring cody to school...

Friday, September 4, 2009

great night tonight at the Woodstock Fair. i won a blue ribbon for my Erin doll, and a blue ribbon for johannas goblin hat!! that makes 3 yrs in a row winning blue ribbons. i cant even begin to express how exciting it is! my mother entered too this year,and she won for her doilies. she placed in a blue and a white ribbon. i was very proud of her.. shes caught the bug now and will be entering yearly with me.. its addicting!!
alot happened in sales the past two days. my pirate doll went to a home in Korea. my first international sale, so im praying it makes it there ok. my apples and pears diaper bag set sold to a great momma from CDN. she sounded oober excited about it for a shower gift, if she doesnt decide she needs to keep it!lol!! oh and i sold 2 custom lunchbags that were shipped out this morning.. so i had some saled this month.. money to pay for some fabric i have comign from coops and a stuffed dragon i ordered for johanna ( she collects dragons).
hopefully this weekend i get some major crocheting done. Monday we go to Boston to meet my niece for the first time. i cant wait to see her! i have something special to give her ( yes its from hyena wahms, wouldnt have it any other way). i also cant wait to see my SIL and BIL to hugg them and see if being a parent has changed them yet.. but i know holding that baby is going to make me want another, so it might be a dangerous day.

codys first week at school is done. he has improved alot by today. he was having trouble getting focused, but as of today the teacher said hes doing better. he still screams "momma!!" when i pick him up, and i hope that doesnt stop cause i need it.. my little man is growing up :(

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kindred spirits grandopening today!

Kindred spirits grandopening is today! we stock at 7:00 pm tonight. there are two drawings put up, and lots of great sewn items. im super excited about it! i hope we get alot of shoppers and lookers :)