Saturday, September 12, 2009

not the best picture in the whole world, but it was cloudy and rainy when i took it. this is an owl that is going with a collab im doing on MAinstreet for october. hes really squishy, and is around 8 inches tall.

still working on things for the craft fair, not to mention the next stocking in October.i would love to get some sewing done, but it doesnt seem to be happening for me. too much crocheting to do and so little time. im planning on doing Octobers spotted box, so i have to finnish up samples for that. and i have to make someto send out to Denise for her Etsy store.

we are adding more and more vendors everyday to Mainstreet. i think when we stock for October its going to be crazy. its nice to have new people in the group, keeps ideas and the look fresh.

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