Monday, September 7, 2009

my niece, Miss Lily

this is my new little niece, Miss Lily. she is a tiny little cutie! we spent the day getting to know her today. she is a little over a week old now. shes tooo cute and tiny, almost makes me want another one. it was nice to see my husband holding her. this is his sisters baby, so it was special to him. not to mention cory has a way with babies. soo now i have another little one to introduce to the world on Hyenacart. im already thinking tutus and bows, and her father is thinking redsox and football! not if i have my way with her, she will be girly!!
got alot to do with crocheting. i need to make some samples for Octobers spotted box, and i have to crochet some more playfood for the fair coming up. i have to pick up my woodstock fair entries tomarrow. and tomarrow i bring cody to school...

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