Sunday, June 28, 2009

The collab with Dena of Lulubird Designs is up on Mainstreet. It doesnt go on sale til the 3rd, but im previewing it way ahead of time to get people drooling! i think we did a great job on this collab. i hope everyone see it! to me its like the best first playfood set for toddlers. i mean seriously, it comes with a bag, how cool is that! theres farm fresh eggs, plump strawberries, crisp carrots, and a nice purple eggplant. all awesome goodies i get every year at the Farmers Market.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Play food previews are up on Mainstreet!! please come check them out, this pic is only a taste of the summer treats ive made for this stocking.

im so excited about this stocking, these icecream cones took me a while to make, and i think they are perfect. wait til you see what else i have up my sleeve for the collab with Dena!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

started putting up some previews today. i have these three aliens listed on Hidden Element. the grand opening is July 7th at 3:00pm. i might add more things to the listing, but i have to stock the other congos aswell.
im listing doilies and kitchen towels for Sweet Retreat this month. i have 5 gorgeous doilies my mother made that im listing so she can have some paypal spending money! of course being from the old school, i had to set her up on paypal etc.. shes new to the computer world!
Mainstreet also stocks the first week of July. i have pretty much everything ready to preview, but i need take pics. man do i have some awesome stuff for this stocking!!
I did get my hands on some neat apple buttons, so i plan to do some Twilight inspired slippers for one of these stockings. Now that ive seen the movie, im slightly obsessed. i hope to read the books soon, but the library has me on the wait list with a bunch of Harry Potter all over again for me! But im a huge vampire fan, so itll be worth the wait
Ill be guesting as Jodys Designs in August on Nectar. but ill be staying on the congo with Nancy as Kindred spirits. i like the group of ladies too much not to be know its going to be chaotic, but what is my life without chaos? plus there are some awesome vendors showing up on that congo, so its really going to make its place on HC.
We added a few new vendors to Sweet Retreat, and we have some awesome guests coming up. my favorite is Kobeita, who does womens clothing. her stuff is super drool worthy. i dont own any of her work but i hear it wears beautifully. she does a line of childrens appareal as well, called Tadpoles and Butterflies, i believe... but regardless, we are thrilled to have her. and we also have a potter joinign the congo as well, so thats super cool!
i myself spent alittle paypal the past few days. i spent it at other wahms stores, of course. no mainstreaming here. i got johanna a pink ooga dress from Morning Glories, tree of life earrings from Doodle Jewels, and a change purse from Smiling Octopus. i needed a pick me up, and retail therapy always helps out with that. so i cant wait to see when they arrive this week. ill definatly be houndign the postmaster. I noticed they came out with a purple ooga fabric as well, i ordered 2 yrds from a coop, so i can have my own personal stash. finally some girly colors. now if i could just get my hands on the grape giraffes!

Friday, June 19, 2009

no new fun pics to post..sorry! but i am working on some super playfood for the July stocking on Mainstreet. we're doing a summer/beach theme. im going with summery foods that i love. im doing a very cool collab with Dena, so keep an eye out! I stock Sweet Retreat the same week, so im posting some good ole fashion doilies and towels. some nice inexpensive art work that is useable and giftable. With Hidden Element opening that week as well, im listing some slippers there i think.. so im busy! but arent i always?
im hearing people are buying longies already. summer hasnt even hit Ct yet, so i dont get it. but i think i should make a few pairs soon, to list for those mommas up north that get the chill before we do. i have some sweet girl colorways im dieing to work up, i just need the motivation.
My sheep rattle is being listed with Denas sheep shirt this month on Bitty Fluff congo. its a super cute set, i hope it sells fast!

so lots to do but little time to do it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

so we went to the zoo saturday. the highlight for me was the goat petting area. they had pigmy baby goats, that you could pet. they were the smallest goats ive ever seen, the ones that ive always been around were born alot bigger! mY husband was thrilled about the deer walk area. there was a huge area that you could walk through, and the deer would come up to you. if you fed them you could get close enough to pet them. cory was smiling like a child! right now the deer have a velvet coating on their antlers, that they eventually rub off. i didnt know that that even happened, but my husband surprised me with his knowledge about deers. i swear he was like a nation geographic reporter. but i was thrilled to see him excited.. my favorite critters were the prarie dogs, which are super cool, and the Cappy Bera. the Capy Bera is a huge rodent. i mean huge. i actually learned about them on my sons fav show, Go Diego Go!LOL!! so i knew a little about them to tell my husband.
On sunday we did a big picnic at my Aunts house, which was fun. the kids played in the play house all day, and i actually got to have adult time with my family. i played badmitten, which i found out im terrible at, and pictionary, which im also terrible at! but it was a fun time
so now the week begins. i have alot of work to do.. a custom cupcake order for a fellow cupcake lover from DS. i have to finnish Denas rattles, and make her some more samples, then i need to finnish up the aliens im trying to stock up on!! busy busy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

today is Johannas 2nd Bday! yipee!!

so im on another congo...i know, what am i thinking? am i crazy? i joined the Nectar congo, i will be stocking Kindred Spirits items there, so its not crochet things. plus Kindred SPirits is with Nancy, so that takes pressure off the congo stocking, cause we do it together so its half the effort. this is it, my last overextentment of my self. im going into crafting chaos!LOL!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

so i got a phone call yesturday. apparently Johanna won a photo contest in her age range. i entered her in the contest after having her portraits done, not thinking she would win.. and she did!!lol so she wins a trophey and we win a larger print of this picture, matted and framed. now her picture goes into a new contest that is judged by local people. they go in and pay $1 a vote, and the money goes to the March Of Dimes. im not sure what she wins if she gets this one too..but we find out everything in July.. so my little princess is a winner. shes going to be 2 on Friday! everything happens all at once. on Saturday we're taking her to the big zoo with my inlaws as part of her bday gift. we cant wait!
anyway, so im finnishing Denas rattles. and im working on some aliens for the next stocking. the 3rd congo im joining just got graphics, so we're getting excited for the July grand opening.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

todays another rainy day in eastford! i plan to finnish up an alien order, work on
Denas rattles, and maybe clean up the house. notice the maybe in that last sentence?lol. i marked down my instock shorties yesturday. it seems within an hour, the icecream shorties sold, which thrilled me. i really wanted those to find a home, they were spotted 6 times on HC, so i couldnt understand why they didnt sell? hopefully the other pair sells today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So i finnished Nancys afghan, finally! i did a fancy trim that i havent done before on an afghan. i really love how it turned out. i plan to do this trim on a wrap soon.. but the colors look great toghether in a stripe, and the afghan is toddler bed sized, so it will last her a while.

sold a few things this weekend! everything happened on Saturday. i sold Willow, which makes me happy to see shes going home. two ipod pouchs, clips, and a shirt i sewed for a collab with Nancy. so ill be visiting the Post Office on Monday with a lot of items to ship. im currently finnishing up samples for Kyla of Canoe Creek soaps, and then i have to make rattles for Dena, since i got the rattles to put in them the other day.

Saw Twilight for the first time lastnight. im extremely hooked, and am now on the waitlist at the library for a copy of the first book. its a great movie! i think we're planning a theme or collab stocking around the movie for August on the Hidden Element..but thats still up in the air.

beautiful weather this weekend. took the kids to icecream on Saturday, which was a disaster. icecream is a very messy treat!! but it was really good. and we did alot of playing outside. Cory made a swing for under our apple tree, so the kids are obsessed with it. i try to swing on it, but i get sea sick..yeah im a dork, i never used tobe that way, but my mom said it happened to her when she got alittle older. i guess my stomach cant handle it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So I didnt sell alot yesturday, major bummer. i sold an alien though! i was wondering when he would go.. but Sweet retreat stocks today. i have a new item up, the ipod pouches. i hope they go fast, i priced them really low so they should. lots of nice things up! heres my favs:

anyway, stock today at 1:00

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well its the 3rd of the month, which means Mainstreet stocks today at 12:30!! check us out and look at all the new items up.
heres some of my favs for this stocking:
the fire truck set has been discounted to a really low price!

this stocking should go well!! i always look forward to seeing what gets sold first. we do have a new guest this month, Jem Jam Customs. shes a very cool momma that makes adorable bows. i recieved a cupcake bow from her in may, and its gorgeous! definatly check her out:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

so ive been sewing like a mad woman. this is what i have made so far for my SIL shower gift. the bibs and changing pad are covered in vinyl. the diaper bag was a first time experience, but im very happy with how it came out. i think im going to offer sets like this in my new store im opening with Nancy...
did i forget to mention that?!lol Nancy of Knickerdoodies, and I are opening a partner store called Kindred Spirits. Since joining Mainstreet, i have developed a really great frienship with Nancy. shes one of those women i talk to daily, and we pattern swap, and chit chat about life. so we found we have a shared love of crafting, and decided to put our efforts together and open our own store. Kindred Spirits is the perfect name for it too. she lives all the way out in Texas, and im in CT, but its like we have always been friends! anyway, im going to offer alot of sewn items on the store, for a nice change. that way you all can see what else im capable of!! so our opening is August sometime..we're working on graphics right now.. so keep watch for it!
im working on some rattles for Dena to put with her newborn sets on Bitty Fluff. and in between finnishing nancys afghan. so this week is busy!!