Thursday, June 11, 2009

so i got a phone call yesturday. apparently Johanna won a photo contest in her age range. i entered her in the contest after having her portraits done, not thinking she would win.. and she did!!lol so she wins a trophey and we win a larger print of this picture, matted and framed. now her picture goes into a new contest that is judged by local people. they go in and pay $1 a vote, and the money goes to the March Of Dimes. im not sure what she wins if she gets this one too..but we find out everything in July.. so my little princess is a winner. shes going to be 2 on Friday! everything happens all at once. on Saturday we're taking her to the big zoo with my inlaws as part of her bday gift. we cant wait!
anyway, so im finnishing Denas rattles. and im working on some aliens for the next stocking. the 3rd congo im joining just got graphics, so we're getting excited for the July grand opening.

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