Monday, June 15, 2009

so we went to the zoo saturday. the highlight for me was the goat petting area. they had pigmy baby goats, that you could pet. they were the smallest goats ive ever seen, the ones that ive always been around were born alot bigger! mY husband was thrilled about the deer walk area. there was a huge area that you could walk through, and the deer would come up to you. if you fed them you could get close enough to pet them. cory was smiling like a child! right now the deer have a velvet coating on their antlers, that they eventually rub off. i didnt know that that even happened, but my husband surprised me with his knowledge about deers. i swear he was like a nation geographic reporter. but i was thrilled to see him excited.. my favorite critters were the prarie dogs, which are super cool, and the Cappy Bera. the Capy Bera is a huge rodent. i mean huge. i actually learned about them on my sons fav show, Go Diego Go!LOL!! so i knew a little about them to tell my husband.
On sunday we did a big picnic at my Aunts house, which was fun. the kids played in the play house all day, and i actually got to have adult time with my family. i played badmitten, which i found out im terrible at, and pictionary, which im also terrible at! but it was a fun time
so now the week begins. i have alot of work to do.. a custom cupcake order for a fellow cupcake lover from DS. i have to finnish Denas rattles, and make her some more samples, then i need to finnish up the aliens im trying to stock up on!! busy busy!

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  1. Cool! First time I saw a Cappy Bera was on Zooboomafoo. I like the prairie dogs, too, but they are always hiding underground when we go to see em'.