Sunday, June 7, 2009

So i finnished Nancys afghan, finally! i did a fancy trim that i havent done before on an afghan. i really love how it turned out. i plan to do this trim on a wrap soon.. but the colors look great toghether in a stripe, and the afghan is toddler bed sized, so it will last her a while.

sold a few things this weekend! everything happened on Saturday. i sold Willow, which makes me happy to see shes going home. two ipod pouchs, clips, and a shirt i sewed for a collab with Nancy. so ill be visiting the Post Office on Monday with a lot of items to ship. im currently finnishing up samples for Kyla of Canoe Creek soaps, and then i have to make rattles for Dena, since i got the rattles to put in them the other day.

Saw Twilight for the first time lastnight. im extremely hooked, and am now on the waitlist at the library for a copy of the first book. its a great movie! i think we're planning a theme or collab stocking around the movie for August on the Hidden Element..but thats still up in the air.

beautiful weather this weekend. took the kids to icecream on Saturday, which was a disaster. icecream is a very messy treat!! but it was really good. and we did alot of playing outside. Cory made a swing for under our apple tree, so the kids are obsessed with it. i try to swing on it, but i get sea sick..yeah im a dork, i never used tobe that way, but my mom said it happened to her when she got alittle older. i guess my stomach cant handle it.

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  1. OH! I love it!!! I can't wait till it arrives!!! Thank you so much Jody! You Rock!