Friday, July 31, 2009

this is Erin. her hair is made from homespun yarn, so its wavy and kinda curly, she reminds me of the girls in Ireland. i did her dress in a cornflower blue fabric, with ruffle trim and ribon across the chest. to me she dainty, and like a breath of fresh air. i hope she goes to a really nice home.
plan to do some catching up now on customs. i have an alien to make, longies and a skirty, and hopefully get to nancys coasters that i shoulda done months ago!!LMAO!! thank god friends are patient.
so tomarrow is Nectars grand opening. very excited. i only have a couple things listed in Kindred Spirits, hopefully next month ill have more. i hope something sells, i need to get my dog groomed. he stinks sooooo bad, i swear he finds the nasty things to roll in. i want him hairless and stinkless!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i dont know about yours, but my husband has a habbit of ruining my favorite things. last year i ordered a gorgeous soaker from smartypants knits, for my daughter. it wasnt cheap, and the craftsmanship was amazing. well, cory accidentally washed it and dryed it. so it felted up and shrank like 2 sizes. so i put it away thinking i could save it for her dolls or something. well i found it again today, and had a brainstorm. i decided to make it into a purse. now i have a seriously hard time cutting anything up that has been already made by a crafter. it just seems wrong to me. but it was either this or its sitting forever.
so i cut equal sized squares out of the front and back of the soaker. then i cut around the waistband, and cut that once to seperate it. i sewed up the squares into a pocket, then sewed the strap onto the sides. its not perfect by anymeans, and it lays a little funky, but my daughter is so thrilled with it. now she has a little purse, made from something we both loved.
i can be creative when i try!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucy is complete for the august 3rd stocking on MAinstreet. she has robert kaufmanns cupcake confections print, as her dress. with matching sprinkles fabric for her apron. her hair is mousey brown, and falls to her waist. i think shes really sweet looking, but then again im really bias toward anything with cupcakes on it!
today im finnishing up a custom slipper set for a HC momma. we are doing pink VW bugs on a blue/green varigated yarn. and i recieved an email last night about my aliens, so i might have to do a custom alien order as well! i still would like to get one more doll completed and possibly some playfood as well..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

another thing done for the Twilight inspired stocking on Hidden Element. these are wristlet gloves with apple buttons. my own pattern, and they fit rather nicely! i want to make more of these but in thinner yarn so theyre more elegant looking. but these came out pretty cool in the regular wool, and i think they should sell. theyre very teenagery to
its been super humid here. we have the AC on constantly. my son has decided he cant swim in the kiddie pool with his swimsuit on. he doesnt want to get it wet and ruin it!LMAO!! hes too funny. so yet another summer of naked children in the pool. Johanna just takes her clothes of randomly now, i dont think she likes the confinment of clothes.. my little free spirit!lol
still have massive amounts of zuccini invading. we did zucinni omelettes tonight for dinner. i think we're running out of options though, for what else we could make with the only vegetable we have growing this summer.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i started listing my stocking for Hidden Element. we're doing a Twilight inspired theme. i figured this doll would fit right in. i call her Raven. she has black hair, purple/magenta lips, and a purple dress embroidered with the classi raven. the Raven embroidery was done by my dear friend Dena of Lulubird Designs.
Ive also started stocking things for Nectar congo. for that congo
i am stocking for Kindred Spirits for the first time. i listed my apple/pears diaper bag set. im pretty proud of this set. it is a diaperbag,bibs,burpcloths, and changing pad. its pretty similar to the set i made for my SIL baby shower. the set was such a hit at the shower that i thought id make a few more to list. this is my first for HC! so all i have left to do for Nectar is list my things for Jodys Designs guest spot!

Friday, July 24, 2009

here is the final piece to my trade with shanlie! a nice cheeseburger. yumm!! so im sending this out today. icant wait to hear what she thinks of them all. it was a great trade!
i have 2 dolls to try to get made today and tomarrow. then i have a mommy and me pair of slippers to make as well. im a little behind on my customs, not moving as quickly as i would like to. but my son has big time poison ivy on his hands and feet, so ive been dealing with that. not to mention this week my son decided he was going to torment Johanna every day. he lost her bunny bunny the other day, which turned into a 3 hour search party. my mother came over to help me. i even resorted to praying to saint anthony, the saint of lost things. luckily we did find him, in a spot i looked a million times! so i havent had a chance to really work on anything between the timeouts and fighting! i seriously cant wait for this week to be over.
wish me luck with good kids today! i need it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

heres some new playfood. im almost done with that big order for the trade. this momma is going to flip when she sees all the new stuff i created just for her! im really impressed with the sandwich though, i really like how it came out. next im going to try a hamburger, then i should be done! yay!!
got my labels for KS, so ill be finnishing up my diaper bag soon! yay!!
lots to do today!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tempura Zucinni

Tempura Zucinni with Garlic dill dip:

Cut one gigantic zucinni into1/4 in circles.
mix together 1 beaten egg, cup flour, cp chilled water.
coat zucinni in batter, fry in fryolator until golden. allow to cool

1/2 cup sour cream
1 cp mayo
2 tbsp dill
1 tsp minced garlic

mix all together and dip the zuccini in it. its the tasty way to use up all the zucinni that is
taking over your house this summer! definatly try this out :) we are in love !

heres two dolls i got done for the august stockings. i have had many requests for boy dolls, so im trying to get creative with them. im really thrilled with how the pirate doll came out. my son knew immdiately what he was!
the other doll, im calling Emma. she has a little apron on to complete her outfit. she is very feminine and sweet, with her long brown hair. shes definatly my favorite so far.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

finnished the custom doll for the repeat customer. she bought a
lollypop dress doll last week, for her daughter, and wanted one for her niece. so here she is! the green highlights were a request from the little girl. i think shes very pretty!
im going to work on another doll this afternoon, hopefully get a few made this week. im almost done with the diaperbag, but i need my labels to come in so i can sew that on before i sew it all together. it is coming out super nice though!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

ive got some things to do today! i have a custom doll to make for a returning customer, and i need to finnish up that giant playfood order. i did get 2 pairs of slippers made last night, to stock on SR next month. but thats about the only thing i have made so far for August!lol.. i hope to get another 2 pairs made this weekend, and hopefully do some sewing as well.
our neighbor gave us some plants the other day. so i have 6 spireah to plant, and 6 lilies to plant. but with the humidity, its not on my number one list! our zucchini crop has been outstanding. we have plenty to cook with and give away. ive made zucchini bread, we have baked, fried, and steamed it. Ive even shredded it into my turkey burgers. we 're trying to find as many things to do with it as we can!lol..i just wish our tomatoes would start producing. we have two full grown plants that have green tomatoes on them, that refuse to turn red. im not dure how long they can stay on the plant and not rot, so we might be trying fried green tomatoes if this continues. i did go to the farmers market on sunday, and brought home a dozen corn cob. i boiled em for 9 mins, cut the corn off the cob and froze them for the winter. i hope to get another doz soon so i can do this again. it helped us out alot this winter. we had corn atleast once a week, and i made an amazing corn chowder!yum!! My husband is excited about the pumpkin plant that planted itself. im one of those horrible people that let the pumpkins rot on the step after halloween. well, this year something good came out of it! the seeds planted themselves right next tothe step. the vine itself is getting pretty big, and has flowers on it. ill be anxious to see if it actually produces a pumpkin. it would be soo nice not to buy one this year!
well, off to get things done today. laundry in the wash, dishes in the sink, lots to do!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i recently recieved an email from a fellow blogger, asking me to send her a free item for her to review on her blog. she only has 13 followers, so i dont think her review will be seen by too many. but, she emailed everyone i work with on the congos. so what she was doing is spamming my friends. im soo sad about this. i feel like my blog was being abused by a reader who is either trying to get free product, or trying to make her blog into a reviewing blog, but spamming to get there. i appologized to the wahms that were spammed, and i emailed the woman to tell her what she did was in poor taste. i did email her and polietly inform her that what she is doing is not quite the right ettiqutte for bloggers.
i support other wahms on my site, out of an appreciation for the hard handiwork that goes into their product. any product i talk about on this site is something i purchased, or is made by a friend. i want all wahms to get great business and stay open. if i link a product i love, and dont buy, it is to show off that wahms talent and hope it is recognized. i will never ask for a free product to review, because its in poor taste. i hope my readers do not blame me for the spamming bloggers poor judgement. one bad egg shouldnt ruin it for everyone else.

Monday, July 13, 2009

i was productive this weekend. got the doll done for cynthia, and i got a last minute order for a mommy and me slipper set. i think they came out super cute. the little slippers are tiny, but will fit the toddler size 8 perfect. theyre for a fellow congomate from Hidden Element. im sure shes going to love them!
i have some other odds and ends to work up this week. im thinking of taking september off from the congos, to get some stuff made for the october craft fair. i have nothing to bring to it as of today, and the clock is ticking. i really want to bring new items to it this year, and really wow the customers. my mother is building up a pile of her crafts for it, and i have got nowhere.
we went to the local farmers market on Sunday. and i was talking to the guy that runs the show. for a year its $50 for a place. so im considering doing it next year. i obviously cant this year. but if i cant get things under control, or if business slows down, i will.
lots to do!! gorgeous day!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

ever notice, when you get a minute of down time its seems like it never lasts long enough? projects are building up! i now have a custom frog hat to make, still working on the playfood, trying to get an afghan made to list, and im getting a doll order from another DS momma, not to mention the diaper bag im sewing too..i love being busy, it keeps me sane. but since i started being a wahm, i find i have to write everything down. otherwise i forget really quick. so now im keeping a journal, and an email list for my customs. im soo worried ill forget about someone, and thats the last thing i want to do to my customers!!
got some neat fluffy mail today. i got a amethyst/moonstone ankelet from Mystical healing Gems, shes on the Mainstreet congo with me. Darice is a very nice momma, and makes quaility jewerly. she uses all natural stones, and still manages to keep the price resonable! shes doing a second stocking this monday on Mainstreet.
then i also got a gorgeous hand sewn dress from E2designs. shes also on HC, DS and the alamode congo. i did a trade with her for the Peter Rabit dress she made with the hat that matches. . but i have to say, they all fit like a dream, and look too sweet on my daughter. its a very special dress, that i think johanna is going to wear to a tea party im planning with my mother. something about beatrix potter and tea party, go hand in hand..
here is E2 designs on Alamode:
i am waiting on candles from Bris Scentsations, and custom shirts and dresses from Lulubird Designs.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hidden Element congo opened today. we started at 3:00, and so far i see we have 38 people checking us out. very cool turnout! lets just hope we have some shoppers.
Not alot going on here. rain and its dreary. i some how attached myself to the television today, for the Micheal Jackson Memorial. got me all misty eyed. i cant watch sad stuff anymore, it gets me all upset. the hardest part was watching his daughter speak. shes a beautiful little girl, who just said some simple sweet words. but coming from a child that has never been really seen in public, it was amazing. i wish the best for those kids. they have a huge family to support them, but they need to support eachother. its sad..i wanted to hug her..

enough sadness, maybe if the rain goes away i can smile! i pulled my first squash off our plants yesturday, so i hope this rain gives us somemore!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

its Monday, again...ugh.. im so exhausted from the weekend. we had a very busy weekend going to family picinics to celebrate the fourth. Saturday was my husbands family, Sunday was my family. both days were filled with food, games and fun! then lastnight my husband and i went to the fireworks, for the first time in 6 years! its was really nice.
Hidden Element has its grand opening tomarrow. i listed 3 aliens. theres alot of very cool wahms on the congo, and alot of very reputable wahms as well. its definatly worth checking out
i sold alot this weekend. custom slippers,toys,playfood..i was very busy crocheting and packing them all up to get mailed. the Post master is going to love me later today :) all i have left to make is one brobee doll, that i couldnt finnish this weekend, then i can work on that massive playfood order i have from a DS momma im trading with. this momma has goobs of talent in her. shes drawing me a family picture and some other pics for my kids rooms. im hoping when shes all done and i get to really look at everything in person, that i can drag her onto one of the many congos im on. i think she could do really well.
anyway, gorgeous day here. lots to do!

Friday, July 3, 2009

MAINSTREET stocks today at 12:30. im very excited to see what sells. i know the collab is going to sell, it has 6 spots as of last night. its definatly going to have to get made again. Lets see if my sundae cones go..i love them, so i hope others do. theres alot of other cute things up as well. i love the Heartland Dreams pink ooga diaper. of course she lists that diaper after my daughter decides to potty train! always my luck! Lulu bird designs has an adorable summer top with flip flops on it. its the perfect summer colors too. my paypal will not be safe today!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

so, i got creative today. my daughter recieved this doll as a gift a month ago. i cant stand the doll, she had on a horrible outfit, and johanna wouldnt play with it. so i took the outfit off, and there was a slightly better one on it, which was sewn on. Johanna would play with it after that. she actually plays with the doll all the time now, and sleeps with it.. so i figured i should do something special for the doll, and to make me like it a little better.

so i made the shorts first, outa a gorgeous wool i have that i dont have enough to do anything else with. Johanna was in love, showed my husband as soon as he got home. then im looking at it, and it needs a shirt. i took the lazy route, and set up a thread on DS asking for spam from anyone that made doll shirts. well, i got alot of compliments on the longies but noone mentioned the shirt.. so i sat down and thought about it. after and hour of drawing up the pattern, then an hour and a half of testing on ugly fabric. i got it right. this top is amazing. it has a snap up back, so i dont have to go over that huge head. and it fits like a dream. now that i made the pattern im going to make a few more, and mess with it a little. im very happy with the end result. and the fact that i dont have to go out and buy the doll clothes. this doll is totally johannas personality, and when she wakes up tomarrow morning i know shes going to be in love!! now i just have to figure out what to do with that hair!