Monday, July 13, 2009

i was productive this weekend. got the doll done for cynthia, and i got a last minute order for a mommy and me slipper set. i think they came out super cute. the little slippers are tiny, but will fit the toddler size 8 perfect. theyre for a fellow congomate from Hidden Element. im sure shes going to love them!
i have some other odds and ends to work up this week. im thinking of taking september off from the congos, to get some stuff made for the october craft fair. i have nothing to bring to it as of today, and the clock is ticking. i really want to bring new items to it this year, and really wow the customers. my mother is building up a pile of her crafts for it, and i have got nowhere.
we went to the local farmers market on Sunday. and i was talking to the guy that runs the show. for a year its $50 for a place. so im considering doing it next year. i obviously cant this year. but if i cant get things under control, or if business slows down, i will.
lots to do!! gorgeous day!!

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