Friday, July 17, 2009

ive got some things to do today! i have a custom doll to make for a returning customer, and i need to finnish up that giant playfood order. i did get 2 pairs of slippers made last night, to stock on SR next month. but thats about the only thing i have made so far for August!lol.. i hope to get another 2 pairs made this weekend, and hopefully do some sewing as well.
our neighbor gave us some plants the other day. so i have 6 spireah to plant, and 6 lilies to plant. but with the humidity, its not on my number one list! our zucchini crop has been outstanding. we have plenty to cook with and give away. ive made zucchini bread, we have baked, fried, and steamed it. Ive even shredded it into my turkey burgers. we 're trying to find as many things to do with it as we can!lol..i just wish our tomatoes would start producing. we have two full grown plants that have green tomatoes on them, that refuse to turn red. im not dure how long they can stay on the plant and not rot, so we might be trying fried green tomatoes if this continues. i did go to the farmers market on sunday, and brought home a dozen corn cob. i boiled em for 9 mins, cut the corn off the cob and froze them for the winter. i hope to get another doz soon so i can do this again. it helped us out alot this winter. we had corn atleast once a week, and i made an amazing corn chowder!yum!! My husband is excited about the pumpkin plant that planted itself. im one of those horrible people that let the pumpkins rot on the step after halloween. well, this year something good came out of it! the seeds planted themselves right next tothe step. the vine itself is getting pretty big, and has flowers on it. ill be anxious to see if it actually produces a pumpkin. it would be soo nice not to buy one this year!
well, off to get things done today. laundry in the wash, dishes in the sink, lots to do!

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