Thursday, July 30, 2009

i dont know about yours, but my husband has a habbit of ruining my favorite things. last year i ordered a gorgeous soaker from smartypants knits, for my daughter. it wasnt cheap, and the craftsmanship was amazing. well, cory accidentally washed it and dryed it. so it felted up and shrank like 2 sizes. so i put it away thinking i could save it for her dolls or something. well i found it again today, and had a brainstorm. i decided to make it into a purse. now i have a seriously hard time cutting anything up that has been already made by a crafter. it just seems wrong to me. but it was either this or its sitting forever.
so i cut equal sized squares out of the front and back of the soaker. then i cut around the waistband, and cut that once to seperate it. i sewed up the squares into a pocket, then sewed the strap onto the sides. its not perfect by anymeans, and it lays a little funky, but my daughter is so thrilled with it. now she has a little purse, made from something we both loved.
i can be creative when i try!

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