Monday, July 6, 2009

its Monday, again...ugh.. im so exhausted from the weekend. we had a very busy weekend going to family picinics to celebrate the fourth. Saturday was my husbands family, Sunday was my family. both days were filled with food, games and fun! then lastnight my husband and i went to the fireworks, for the first time in 6 years! its was really nice.
Hidden Element has its grand opening tomarrow. i listed 3 aliens. theres alot of very cool wahms on the congo, and alot of very reputable wahms as well. its definatly worth checking out
i sold alot this weekend. custom slippers,toys,playfood..i was very busy crocheting and packing them all up to get mailed. the Post master is going to love me later today :) all i have left to make is one brobee doll, that i couldnt finnish this weekend, then i can work on that massive playfood order i have from a DS momma im trading with. this momma has goobs of talent in her. shes drawing me a family picture and some other pics for my kids rooms. im hoping when shes all done and i get to really look at everything in person, that i can drag her onto one of the many congos im on. i think she could do really well.
anyway, gorgeous day here. lots to do!

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