Tuesday, July 28, 2009

another thing done for the Twilight inspired stocking on Hidden Element. these are wristlet gloves with apple buttons. my own pattern, and they fit rather nicely! i want to make more of these but in thinner yarn so theyre more elegant looking. but these came out pretty cool in the regular wool, and i think they should sell. theyre very teenagery to me.lol
its been super humid here. we have the AC on constantly. my son has decided he cant swim in the kiddie pool with his swimsuit on. he doesnt want to get it wet and ruin it!LMAO!! hes too funny. so yet another summer of naked children in the pool. Johanna just takes her clothes of randomly now, i dont think she likes the confinment of clothes.. my little free spirit!lol
still have massive amounts of zuccini invading. we did zucinni omelettes tonight for dinner. i think we're running out of options though, for what else we could make with the only vegetable we have growing this summer.

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