Wednesday, July 1, 2009

so, i got creative today. my daughter recieved this doll as a gift a month ago. i cant stand the doll, she had on a horrible outfit, and johanna wouldnt play with it. so i took the outfit off, and there was a slightly better one on it, which was sewn on. Johanna would play with it after that. she actually plays with the doll all the time now, and sleeps with it.. so i figured i should do something special for the doll, and to make me like it a little better.

so i made the shorts first, outa a gorgeous wool i have that i dont have enough to do anything else with. Johanna was in love, showed my husband as soon as he got home. then im looking at it, and it needs a shirt. i took the lazy route, and set up a thread on DS asking for spam from anyone that made doll shirts. well, i got alot of compliments on the longies but noone mentioned the shirt.. so i sat down and thought about it. after and hour of drawing up the pattern, then an hour and a half of testing on ugly fabric. i got it right. this top is amazing. it has a snap up back, so i dont have to go over that huge head. and it fits like a dream. now that i made the pattern im going to make a few more, and mess with it a little. im very happy with the end result. and the fact that i dont have to go out and buy the doll clothes. this doll is totally johannas personality, and when she wakes up tomarrow morning i know shes going to be in love!! now i just have to figure out what to do with that hair!

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