Friday, July 31, 2009

this is Erin. her hair is made from homespun yarn, so its wavy and kinda curly, she reminds me of the girls in Ireland. i did her dress in a cornflower blue fabric, with ruffle trim and ribon across the chest. to me she dainty, and like a breath of fresh air. i hope she goes to a really nice home.
plan to do some catching up now on customs. i have an alien to make, longies and a skirty, and hopefully get to nancys coasters that i shoulda done months ago!!LMAO!! thank god friends are patient.
so tomarrow is Nectars grand opening. very excited. i only have a couple things listed in Kindred Spirits, hopefully next month ill have more. i hope something sells, i need to get my dog groomed. he stinks sooooo bad, i swear he finds the nasty things to roll in. i want him hairless and stinkless!!

1 comment:

  1. She looks great! Love her hair!
    Good Luck with the Grand Opening.