Friday, July 10, 2009

ever notice, when you get a minute of down time its seems like it never lasts long enough? projects are building up! i now have a custom frog hat to make, still working on the playfood, trying to get an afghan made to list, and im getting a doll order from another DS momma, not to mention the diaper bag im sewing too..i love being busy, it keeps me sane. but since i started being a wahm, i find i have to write everything down. otherwise i forget really quick. so now im keeping a journal, and an email list for my customs. im soo worried ill forget about someone, and thats the last thing i want to do to my customers!!
got some neat fluffy mail today. i got a amethyst/moonstone ankelet from Mystical healing Gems, shes on the Mainstreet congo with me. Darice is a very nice momma, and makes quaility jewerly. she uses all natural stones, and still manages to keep the price resonable! shes doing a second stocking this monday on Mainstreet.
then i also got a gorgeous hand sewn dress from E2designs. shes also on HC, DS and the alamode congo. i did a trade with her for the Peter Rabit dress she made with the hat that matches. . but i have to say, they all fit like a dream, and look too sweet on my daughter. its a very special dress, that i think johanna is going to wear to a tea party im planning with my mother. something about beatrix potter and tea party, go hand in hand..
here is E2 designs on Alamode:
i am waiting on candles from Bris Scentsations, and custom shirts and dresses from Lulubird Designs.

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