Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i recently recieved an email from a fellow blogger, asking me to send her a free item for her to review on her blog. she only has 13 followers, so i dont think her review will be seen by too many. but, she emailed everyone i work with on the congos. so what she was doing is spamming my friends. im soo sad about this. i feel like my blog was being abused by a reader who is either trying to get free product, or trying to make her blog into a reviewing blog, but spamming to get there. i appologized to the wahms that were spammed, and i emailed the woman to tell her what she did was in poor taste. i did email her and polietly inform her that what she is doing is not quite the right ettiqutte for bloggers.
i support other wahms on my site, out of an appreciation for the hard handiwork that goes into their product. any product i talk about on this site is something i purchased, or is made by a friend. i want all wahms to get great business and stay open. if i link a product i love, and dont buy, it is to show off that wahms talent and hope it is recognized. i will never ask for a free product to review, because its in poor taste. i hope my readers do not blame me for the spamming bloggers poor judgement. one bad egg shouldnt ruin it for everyone else.

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