Friday, July 24, 2009

here is the final piece to my trade with shanlie! a nice cheeseburger. yumm!! so im sending this out today. icant wait to hear what she thinks of them all. it was a great trade!
i have 2 dolls to try to get made today and tomarrow. then i have a mommy and me pair of slippers to make as well. im a little behind on my customs, not moving as quickly as i would like to. but my son has big time poison ivy on his hands and feet, so ive been dealing with that. not to mention this week my son decided he was going to torment Johanna every day. he lost her bunny bunny the other day, which turned into a 3 hour search party. my mother came over to help me. i even resorted to praying to saint anthony, the saint of lost things. luckily we did find him, in a spot i looked a million times! so i havent had a chance to really work on anything between the timeouts and fighting! i seriously cant wait for this week to be over.
wish me luck with good kids today! i need it.

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