Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hidden Element congo opened today. we started at 3:00, and so far i see we have 38 people checking us out. very cool turnout! lets just hope we have some shoppers.
Not alot going on here. rain and thunder...so its dreary. i some how attached myself to the television today, for the Micheal Jackson Memorial. got me all misty eyed. i cant watch sad stuff anymore, it gets me all upset. the hardest part was watching his daughter speak. shes a beautiful little girl, who just said some simple sweet words. but coming from a child that has never been really seen in public, it was amazing. i wish the best for those kids. they have a huge family to support them, but they need to support eachother. its sad..i wanted to hug her..

enough sadness, maybe if the rain goes away i can smile! i pulled my first squash off our plants yesturday, so i hope this rain gives us somemore!!

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