Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big toy stocking November 18th!

getting ready for Christmas shoppers! Im doing a pretty big toy/playfood stocking at my personal cart on November 18th. I have a little of everything, in all colors. I was really inspired by rainbows this stocking.
Be on the lookout for Wonderland Congos Stocking stuffer stocking. The first week of December, me and the other vendors will be stocking small wonderful items. I plan to stock alot of little elephants, and maybe some reindeer poop! Wouldnt be xmas without the reindeer poop! Be on the lookout for that stocking.
lets not forget Black friday is approaching.The ladies of Mainstreet Congo will be stocking crazy sales, auctions, lottos. So make sure you sit by your computer and stalk!]

Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Grown Familie/ Polar Bear Creations

One of my Mainstreet Congo mates, Sue of Polar Bear Creations, was reviewed by the Home Grown Families Blog! Showing my excitement and support for her, as well as entering the blogs giveaway, i am posting a bit to help out!
to check out the giveaway/review, check out the link here:
there are several ways to enter the giveaway. you can fan her page, her blog, etc. i recommend giving it a shot, cause Sues dolls are worth the effort. We own one of Sues mini babies,and have bought a second for my niece. Sue puts alot of love into the dolls, and is dedicated to the homemade toy movement! Sue can be found at