Tuesday, June 23, 2009

started putting up some previews today. i have these three aliens listed on Hidden Element. the grand opening is July 7th at 3:00pm. i might add more things to the listing, but i have to stock the other congos aswell.
im listing doilies and kitchen towels for Sweet Retreat this month. i have 5 gorgeous doilies my mother made that im listing so she can have some paypal spending money! of course being from the old school, i had to set her up on paypal etc.. shes new to the computer world!
Mainstreet also stocks the first week of July. i have pretty much everything ready to preview, but i need take pics. man do i have some awesome stuff for this stocking!!
I did get my hands on some neat apple buttons, so i plan to do some Twilight inspired slippers for one of these stockings. Now that ive seen the movie, im slightly obsessed. i hope to read the books soon, but the library has me on the wait list with a bunch of teenagers.lol..its Harry Potter all over again for me! But im a huge vampire fan, so itll be worth the wait
Ill be guesting as Jodys Designs in August on Nectar. but ill be staying on the congo with Nancy as Kindred spirits. i like the group of ladies too much not to be involved.lol..i know its going to be chaotic, but what is my life without chaos? plus there are some awesome vendors showing up on that congo, so its really going to make its place on HC.
We added a few new vendors to Sweet Retreat, and we have some awesome guests coming up. my favorite is Kobeita, who does womens clothing. her stuff is super drool worthy. i dont own any of her work but i hear it wears beautifully. she does a line of childrens appareal as well, called Tadpoles and Butterflies, i believe... but regardless, we are thrilled to have her. and we also have a potter joinign the congo as well, so thats super cool!
i myself spent alittle paypal the past few days. i spent it at other wahms stores, of course. no mainstreaming here. i got johanna a pink ooga dress from Morning Glories, tree of life earrings from Doodle Jewels, and a change purse from Smiling Octopus. i needed a pick me up, and retail therapy always helps out with that. so i cant wait to see when they arrive this week. ill definatly be houndign the postmaster. I noticed they came out with a purple ooga fabric as well, i ordered 2 yrds from a coop, so i can have my own personal stash. finally some girly colors. now if i could just get my hands on the grape giraffes!

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  1. OOH love the aliens and I may have to track down some purple ooga booga.