Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Hatty Surprise

since the craft fair was a success for me last year, this year i asked my favorite and fellow wahms if they wanted to try to get a little business through my luck. so i asked them to send me business cards, for me to make into little packets to hand out to customers. racheal of My Hatty, sent me her cards as well as the bag you see in the pics above. she made the bag as a gift , to hold my money and change at the fair. this is way better then the method i used last year..a ziploc bag isnt very stylish!lol,, but this bag is big and roomy, i sense some optimism in her creation! anyway, it was so thoughtful and nice of racheal, that i wanted to share it with you guys. if you like the look of the bag, and want to see more of her stuff she is on the Mainstreet congo with me:
she mades amazing winter hats, soakers, longies, and anything else you would need with fleece. ive bought a hat from her before, with a spaceship theme, and it was well loved. she has some hats that look like gigantic fish, that are hilarious! she appliques the fleece in any design you can think of. and yes we have cupcake longies from her. even though we dont use diapers that often anymore, the longies make amazing pants for the winter. and you cant tell what they were orginally intended for! so anyway, check her out. you wont be disapointed. shes a lovely lady with a great talent, and huge heart!

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