Friday, September 4, 2009

great night tonight at the Woodstock Fair. i won a blue ribbon for my Erin doll, and a blue ribbon for johannas goblin hat!! that makes 3 yrs in a row winning blue ribbons. i cant even begin to express how exciting it is! my mother entered too this year,and she won for her doilies. she placed in a blue and a white ribbon. i was very proud of her.. shes caught the bug now and will be entering yearly with me.. its addicting!!
alot happened in sales the past two days. my pirate doll went to a home in Korea. my first international sale, so im praying it makes it there ok. my apples and pears diaper bag set sold to a great momma from CDN. she sounded oober excited about it for a shower gift, if she doesnt decide she needs to keep it!lol!! oh and i sold 2 custom lunchbags that were shipped out this morning.. so i had some saled this month.. money to pay for some fabric i have comign from coops and a stuffed dragon i ordered for johanna ( she collects dragons).
hopefully this weekend i get some major crocheting done. Monday we go to Boston to meet my niece for the first time. i cant wait to see her! i have something special to give her ( yes its from hyena wahms, wouldnt have it any other way). i also cant wait to see my SIL and BIL to hugg them and see if being a parent has changed them yet.. but i know holding that baby is going to make me want another, so it might be a dangerous day.

codys first week at school is done. he has improved alot by today. he was having trouble getting focused, but as of today the teacher said hes doing better. he still screams "momma!!" when i pick him up, and i hope that doesnt stop cause i need it.. my little man is growing up :(

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