Friday, May 15, 2009

so my sewing machine is dead. very sad, like losing an old friend. but i must say im excited about getting a new one. maybe the new one will actuall sew fast!!lol of course it died when im in the middle of a project. im working on a shower gift for my SIL, and the shower is at the end of JUne. i figured i would make it now while i have down we'll see if i get it finnished.
im working on an afghan for Nancy, she sent me the yarn months ago! but it was something to do on spare time. so im starting it. its coming out really nice, its a violet and blue stripes.
Got an order yesturday for some NB longies as the Nbs first outfit. i was very excited to be apart of this mommas memories! so im doing some cupcake longies. of course, i love cupcakes, so this will be extra cute. I got Lulubirddesigns to do a matching shirt for her. have to have a complete set, of course!!lol. im starting the longies this weekend.

im trying to potty train Johanna. its not going super well. she does pee on the potty, but she also still goes on the floor. shes like a flippin puppy! but i bought her some cheap trainers to start her off. once i feel shes getting more comfy with it, ill get Knickerdoodies to make some girly trainers for me.hopefully Johanna gets trained faster then Cody did, cause that was a nightmare! Why isnt there a Potty Training Boot Camp i can send my kids to? that would be the bees knees!

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