Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its another rainy day! today im starting the soaker for the lemon chiffon collab, to hopefully get that in the mail by thursday. i dohave to make a foofa doll for Shuree, but i think im going tostart that tomarrow night.
i have been sewing, and would like to get a few more shirts for Johanna made. i made a quick top for her over the weekend that came out too cute. i added a pic of it, shes hard to get to sit still so i hope you can tell the look of the shirt.
A nice load of yarn came in the mail yesturday. Stuff i bought from Huckleberry knits, and a few DS mommas. ihope my sugarbubbie yarn comes today.. i was doing some internet surfing lastnight, and it had me thinking. i think i want to attempt to dye some yarn! i dont know if ill be any good at it, but why not?! but thats something i wont be able to get to for a month or so i bet.
anyway, we'll see what i can get done today. if i do get anything finnished ill post pics.

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