Friday, May 1, 2009

I finnishes Bris Shorties!They came out really cute. very girly. so ill send these to her today, and hopefully she'll get them for Monday, cause thats her Bday!!
its raining here today, so no playing outside. which means im catching up on Laundry and working on some orders. My friend from CDN, Kelly ( Kelolsen) added onto her cookie order, so im making cupcakes and strawberries too! that adds some time onto things, so they wont make it to the mail until Monday..
So i talked to Liz from Fibers 4 Ewe yesturday. i sent her an email to tell her i put her in my blog, and to see when shes stocking again. shes a very nice lady! i might even get the chance to come by the mill she dyes at and see her set up! oh the joy of local dyers!! she did give me some info on herself, she has two kids, a 3yr old and a 1yr old. so she has her hands full, which mean dyeing times for the yarn is around the kids and her husbands schedule!LOL! a moms day is never an easy one! anyway, ill email her today to see whens a good time to come lurk around her mill..

Sweet Retreat has graphics!! im so excited. noone has any previews up, but atleast its pretty to look at!! and we have our blinkies too!!
Lets hope today is a productive one!! oh and i added a background to the blog! im very cupcake obsessed..if you cant tell!

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