Monday, May 11, 2009

hope you all had a great mothers day! i woke up to strawberry shortcake in bed, with my naked daughter helping me eat it. then we packed a lunch and headed out to the butterfly museum, Magic Wings. it was amazing. the butterflies fly all over. my daughter was running around like an animal, trying to dive bomb any mass amounts of butterflies she could find. she didnt like it when they landed on her, it kinda skeeved her out. but i managed to get a Blue Morpho butterfly on my finger, then gave it to my son. Cody was surprisingly gentle. he thought it was very cool. Cody actually took his time, walking around and pointing out each thing. theres a coi pond in the middle of the greenhouse, with giant fish and frogs that cody loved. A gigantic iguana, which they let my son pet, and baby quails walking freely around. was very cool experience. my husband even enjoyed himself. i had to share the butterfly with him too, he didnt want to miss out!lol
after the butterfly place,we went to Yankee Candles Mothership store. that place is huge! theres aroom for everything, and every candle scent you could imagine. Cory bought a few coffee scented candles, i wanted the Creme Brulee and cupcake my son kept saying that the store stunk. Boys, just dont get the joy of candles!
Sweet Retreats had its grandopening yesturday. we had alot of lookers! we managed to stay on
"where are the hyenas" for the whole day. nothing of mine sold :( , but atleast we had some traffic! its a good beginning. hopefully after this weekend, people will get to see what we're about and come back for the next stocking.
so i managed to get nothing done this weekend. im working on a custom alien tonight. then i have a little sewing i want to get done.i might even make dinner tonight, we'll see how ambitious im feeling!

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  1. I'm with your son on the scent of the yankee candle place. all those scents together are sickening to me and i avoid the places like the plague....
    BUT I love a good candle, if someone else buys it for me and I can enjoy that scent alone.