Monday, May 4, 2009

well, the weekends over. it was a nice day on saturday. i did get into my garden, which was daffodils are in full bloom, and some tulips finally opened.
Mainstreets Bday stocking started Sunday the 3rd. i sold an alien, and the lemon chiffon collab. im kinda surprised the icecream capris didnt go..but no biggie. nancy redid the graphics to go with a birthday theme, she really out did herself!
i worked on an order for a CDN momma. i mananged to get her cookies and strawberries made. now im finnishing her cupcakes.
So todays big job is starting the soaker for the buyer of the Lemon chiffon collab. i cant wait to work with this yarn. Shuree of the Little Yarn Barn, created a gorgeous collarway. i havent had the joy of working with her yarn before, so im pretty excited. The buyer was Barenaked cleaners. shes a new customer, so im very excited to be doing this for her!!
so lots to do! i might post more pics later..

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