Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not alot going on today. i dont have any customs to do, which means i can do some sewing. i made a shirt yesturday for johanna, that came out too cute. and i started sewing some burp cloths for my SIL baby shower. but as im sewing, my machine is going slower and starting to stink. i thought it was going to blow up or burst into flames! so im thinking it either needs to go in the shop again, or i need to buy an new machine. ive had it since i wa 16, so it has got me through the years. but machines have come along way since then, so it might be time to upgrade. we'll see.
i baked oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookies yesturday. my daughter attacked the mixer. she licked that mixer so clean im surprised theres paint left on it!LOL!! but the cookies came out wonderful, and made my house smell yummy.
so hopefully today is a lazy day, unless i decide to drive into town to see the sewing machine repair guy. i might end up doing that, cause i have alot stuff i need to get done.

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