Monday, May 18, 2009

its chilly today. my son decided to go fishing in my goldfish pond. thank goodness there isnt a hook on the end of the line, those fish cost me $4 each!LOL
im working on some NB longies with a cupcakeon the butt, and another Nb longies that are brown. hope to get those in the mail by Friday. im really working through Nancys afghan, its all sc, so its going to take me a while. but my Husband even commented how nice its looking ( ill post pics when its done)
going to buy a new sewing machine tomarrow. im very excited about this. i have a ton of projects to finnish up! im planning on getting a Baby Lock, since thats what kinda serger i have. so stick with what works i guess.
went to the yarn shop this weekend and had some yarn wound into cakes. i seriously need to get a swift. its on the list!
anyway, hopefully i have some cool pics to post tomarrow! keep checking back!

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