Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so today im going to work on Bris shorties for her daughter. hopefully get those in the mail by saturday. i do have a Brobee i have to make tonight for another customer. then i have some chocolate chip cookies to crochet for another, which i hope to mail by Saturday as well.

things are looking good for Sweet Retreat. we're finalizing 3 designs for the layout, for a congo vote, then we'll get it up and running! its crunch time with the congo opening on Mothersday, so we really have to get things finnished!! its all very exciting being on a new congo, starting from scratch. i think having a congo geared towards all womens product is really cool. plus i love the variety we're going to have!!

Mainstreet is starting to get some previews up. our Birthday bash is SUnday May 3rd at 12:30. ive had my previews up for a few days ( dena thinks im an overachiever), and everyone is starting to put theirs up. I noticed Dena (lulubirddesign) has a few up, as does Carly ( littlebirdiebottoms), so thats cool. i was going to add a few more, but then i relized i need to concentrate on stock for Sweet Retreat next week!

well, todays my moms bday. so i made a cake and my son keeps eyeing it. hes such a cake monster. my daughter woke up on the wrong side of the crib today, so shes a cranky butt.
the weather is gorgeous, and i do plan on some gardening today..

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