Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i got the coolest news today. let me gloat for a minute please. i will be guesting on Club Thread congo for the first two weeks of December! do a little shimmy dance please. this is so thrilling to me. as we all know, im obsessed with all things club thread. i have items from about 4 of the vendors, and couldnt be more impressed with them. but i get to guest with them, which is an amazing honor. i will most likely be stocking my dolls, since i think those are my best product and incorporate some sewn talent into them. i cant wait, really cant wait! i cant wait to be seen amoung such classy and talented ladies :) so keep a watch out, i hope to debut some new dolls during that stocking...


  1. Alright! Oh yeah, it's your birthday ((happy dance))

    Congrats! Hope it's a blast. :)

  2. brighidschild is me homie-google was being stupid and I could log in for a few days.