Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ok, so i got my mini spotted box today. and i think it is my favorite mini i have recieved so far! lots of great things like candles, crayons, body butter, sachets, and coupon codes! but my favorite is the caramels from Bliss Candies. let me tell you, they melt in your mouth. theyre not chewy caramels that you have to pick out of your teeth. they are amazingly smooth! she put ginger molasses flavored caramels as the samples. you recieved 5 good sized candies. now im not a fan of ginger, at all.but these caramels changed that! i will be getting some of her confections for xmas gifts! i recommend her highly!! BUY HER CARAMELS!!LOL, and tell her Jody sent ya!

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  1. Nice blog. Enjoyed it very much. Visited your website, don't want to forget to say that your bliss candies are wonderful.