Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is coming!

A sign that spring is coming to CT! i planted these seeds last week, when the weather was in the high 50s. Now the seeds are about 4 inches tall! so far i have squash and green beans that i have put into bigger pots. i started them off in a pete kit that comes with the base, lid, and 74 pete rounds. Within days i had green poking out the top, and as of a few days ago, i woke up to the plants pushing the lid off the "greenhouse". So as you can imagine, i am thrilled that we will get things moving early this year! Last year it took a full 3 weeks to see this progress, and we didnt get to really enjoy the veggies til July. Hopefully this year we will be feasting earlier.
My daffodils are poking through around the yard as well. The ones closest to the house, actually have small buds on them. We have a week of rain and wet weather coming, so i hope that helps liven them up a bit.

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