Tuesday, February 16, 2010

well i havent blogged in a while, cause ive been busy getting ready for the Easter shopping and customs to begin. I have a few early items listing on MAinstreet tomarrow, the 17th. a few bunnies and some eggs to start. :)
Im in the process of opening my own HC! its about time, i know..lol I got used to the comfort of being on congos. the family atmosphere really helps you get into a niche and not want out! But i want to get bigger and better, and the way to do that is to go out on my own... leave the nest..lol.. so i have my graphics being designed as we speak. Nancy, of Calico Rose, is working on something fantastic! Shes really captured the look i want for the new store, and is doing banners etc, to match.. so keep an eye open for the grand opening stocking of that. i will announce it here and on facebook, and probebly anywhere else i can think of!

ive been doing a little sewing as well. I made a few peasant tops and listed them on A la Mode congo, they sold out. so im listing more this week, on the 18th! i love making them, and its a great way to use up some fabric.

so much to do!

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