Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas toffee

When i was a teenager, i worked at a little country resturant called Stoggy Hollow ( in Woodstock CT). i spent a good 8 years waitressing, baking and cooking there. In those 8 years i made some life long friends. My former boss, Carol, is still one of those dear friends. Every year around Christmas, Carol would make tons of this toffee and package it up in attractive tins to sell. Every year i got yelled at for eatting what i was suppose to be packaging. Finally, a few years before the business sold, Carol gave me the recipe. Now i make this toffee every year, and think of her every time.
Christmas Toffee
2 sticks butter
1 cp sugar
1 tbsp light corn syrup
1 tbsp water
1 large bag sliced almonds
1 large Hershey chocolate bar, shredded
Mix first four ingredients over medium heat. stir occasionally. Using a candy thermometer, stirring occasionally, wait for the temp to be just under 300 degrees. This is just below the hard crack level.
while the toffee is cooking, butter a cookie sheet and top with almonds then chocolate. When toffee is done, pour over the almonds and chocolate. Immediatly cover the bare side of toffee with chocolate then almonds. Allow to refridgerate for atleast an hour before cracking into pieces.

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  1. Oh wow! That looks delicious! Even those of us on a gluten free diet can eat this! :) YAY!