Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healthy eats basket

Theres a really great cafe that opened in the center of my little town in Eastford CT. The owners of Corriander, were nice enough to allow me to sell a few of my crochet foods. So i went down with an arm full of doughnuts, cupcakes, and a few dolls. But then i got home and thought, maybe i should create something extra special to display there. So over the past two weeks, in between customs, i created a few new items and threw them all in a very cool basket.
I have featured my carrots, eggplant, and strawberries in my farmers market sets. With this basket i wanted to add a few new items, so i came up with a pear, apple, and a couple large portabella style mushrooms. In my Farmers Market set, theres a half dozen of white eggs, which i didnt want in this set. So i took out them and added the other new items in place of them. All displayed in a cotten crochet basket.
Im really excited about this set, and i think Corrianders people will think its something unique as well.

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