Monday, August 24, 2009

i finnished the doll for Brandilyn! yay! she is a blond haired doll, with a pretty pink dress with lollypops on it. Brandilyn told me that her daughter is into all things pink, so i figured this dress would be perfect, plus its one of my favs! she is being shipped out this afternoon.
im getting some more crocheting done today, trying to get ready for the big craft fair. i have about 8 bunnies made, i just have to sew their eyes on. then im going to make a massive stock of play food! i really enjoy making the playfood, im hoping its a big hit at the fair. im doing alot of sets with Dena of Lulubird designs, so i think they will fly off the table!
anyway, not alot going on this week. New England is still in a heat wave. which is killing me. we have the AC on every day! the kids havent been playing outside unless theyre swimming. and to top it off, my veggie plants got some funky bug on them thats wiping them out :( not too happy about that!
did get some sewing done this weekend. made a bunch of lunch bags to sell on KS. theyre super cute and insulated as well. ill take pics when ive finnished the whole lot. i started off making one for cody, for his first day of school, then found that i really enjoy making them.

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