Monday, August 3, 2009

On Facebook

well, its offical, i gave into facebooks temptations..yes, my facebook boycott is oficially over. LOL. Nancy set up a facebook page for Kindred Spirits, so i kinda had to sign up. i dont know if that was her sneaky way of getting me over there, cause she was sure excited when i signed up...sneaky sneaky.. so i have my page with nancy, and my own personal page under Jody Blanchette. it shows tons more pics of my children, and my crochet items. its odd though, within an hour of signing up i had 12 friends, then this morning im up to 21. kinda scary! but neat at the same time. I hope my followers on this blog make their way over to my facebook pages and check it out... i keep saying it, but i seem to be everywhere!

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