Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Muddy Buddies recipe

ok, so back to school season got me thinking.. what was my favorite snackwhen i was a kid? it was chex muddy buddies! i know i still love this snack, and so do my kids. so if you have made them before, and forgot all about them, or havent made them, heres a refresher recipe. for those of you on WIC, its a great way to use up cereal and the peanut butter.
1 cp semisweet choc chips
1/2cp peanut butter
1/4 cp butter
1 tsp vanilla
9 cps chex (we use corn chex)
1 1/2cps powdered sugar

1.) in a large microwavable bowl mix choc chips,pb & butter ( i prechop the butter). microwave for 1 min on high. mix it up, if its not smooth after mixing put it back in for 30 secs. stir in vanilla
2.) put the cereal in a large bowl, pour choc mixture over the chex. with a rubber spatula mix it gently til all of the cereal is coated. put 4 cups of this cereal mix into a large bag ( we use freezer bags)
3.) pour in 1/2 cp of the powdered sugar over the mix. close bag and shake. add another 4 cps of mix and 1/2 cp of sugar, shake. repeat til all mixture is in the bag and shoke.
4.) refridgerate!

this is the easies thing to make. its great over icecream too!

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