Monday, August 17, 2009

Knickerdoodies sale tomarrow!

well, my friend Nancy has decided to close down Knickerdoodies,and merge her name onto KS! which is very exciting. so she is having an inventory clearance, clear out tomarrow at 3:00pm. her trainers are as low as $4, which is amazing! i have several of her trainers,and loved them. so the sale is definatly worth checking out.
i think the new adventure of Kindred Spirits is going to be great. i cant wait to showcase my sewn items, and to see what Nancy comes up with next. having a sewn item shop that sells trainers, diapers, and clothes is so convenient. cause i cant make diapers and trainers, so having nancy do that is alot easier. Plus, with her opening this shop with me, it makes more sense for her to close down knickerdoodies. kwim?

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