Sunday, August 30, 2009

today is my bday

so today i turn 29. which isnt a big number to me, i guess we'll see how i feel when i turn 30. anyway, to celebrate im offering a free shipping sale on all items instock on MAinstreet. so i would take me up on this offer while its there. just email me at with your choice, i will take off shipping so you can pay through HC.

i woke up to chocolate chip pancakes this morning, a sweet card from my husband ( who gave me a Paula Deen cookbook too!) and big kisses from my kids. great way to start the day. this afternoon we are doing lunch in town at my new favorite lunch spot, then maybe a little antiquing. my mother gave me a gift card to woolworks, so im going to buy some kickass yarn today too!! yay! nothing like the gift of yarn :)

anyway, lots to do. finnishing up lastminute items for KS grandopening. getting ready for codys big day tomarrow. and i also became and aunt as of Thursday. Little Lily was born, and i will be seeing her sometime this week. very very good month here!

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